Introducing Watch City Wonder!

I know what you are thinking. Blogging is dead. What the HECK is she doing creating a brand new blog. Well, I wanted to create a space that would celebrate, advocate, and examine the wonderful world of Waltham, Massachusetts, the lovely city I call home. So here it is, the Watch City Wonder blog.

Waltham is an amazing community. It is urban, but has that small town feeling of community. We are large by many standards (60K+ as of the 2010 census), yet it is that place where you can walk into that pub or restaurant and people know your name.

Its beginnings are found at the start of the industrial revolution, with Waltham serving as a prototype city for 19th century industrial city planning. The Waltham Watch Factory opened its doors here in 1984, which gave Waltham the nickname Watch City.

There are many things to celebrate about Waltham, and there are many things to be critical of. Many things need improvement, and yet we continue to grow and innovate and if you want to go out to eat, your options are boundless.

I hope to examine all of it, giving you feedback on any number of things from the aforementioned restaurants to the state of our school system and how our new superintendent is going to deal with our growing student population. We will talk politics, looking at the mayoral and school committee races, to name a few.

I look forward to sharing this city that I have come to love over the last 10 years, and the one my husband and I are raising our son in. We are committed to being invested in this city and hope you will find it as exciting and wonderful as we do.

Up first: Let's talk food...


  1. Will you be posting about why Waltham is nicknamed "Watch City"?

  2. I believe I did reference it in THIS POST. But yes, there will be more on the history of Waltham.


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